Amy (chozengirl4u) wrote in showchoir,


Hello everyone.

I'm new & had a quick question.

I'm in Godspell and opening night is tomorrow. Of course at this same time I'm getting sick. I have a sore throat/stuff and/or runny nose type of thing going on. Any quick ways to get over this sickness or just keep my voice sounding good?

Anything in particular to eat/drink/do etc.?

Any help would be great!

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my music teacher (who's been in profesional opera companies) always tells us to drink 2 liters of coke to make our voices work better. of course, most of us here don't have that much stomach capacity, but try to at least get one bottle of coke in you. not pepsi though.

also, a spoonful of honey to coat your throat before a performance will make your voice smoother.
Hey! My name is Courtney, and I am in Show Choir, too! Here in Mississippi, I am in PHS!!!! This past year, the PHS Impact Show Choir went to three different competitions. At the Pearl River Community College competition we took 1st!!! At the South Central Classic in Birmingham we tied for either 2nd or 3rd, I can't remember, and we got the trophy for Best Choreography! At the Petal Show Choir Invitational we took 1st, and then we had to compete agian with the top 5 groups of the whole entire day. There were over 30 groups there. All in all, we got 5th place! I can't wait to see what next year has in store for us!

NO NOT: drink or eat anything with dairy in coats your not drink coke and do not drink COLD water
DO: eat citris food and drink water that is ROOM TEMPURATURE