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virgil winthrop sanderson.


hey.  i got back from the virginia beach competition last night.  we won first (of course) but i don't have any pictures of our actual show.  i have pictures from the trip though.



in the hotel...

mirror reads:  "mike was here --> mike is a faggot"  (dane cook joke)

from the balcony...

this one's gonna be a postcard

"good morning sterling '05'"

at the beach...

me and amanda's kickass sandcastle

 amanda (left) and me.  i look fat.

funny things i saw while walking around town...

yeah... a mosaic swordfish... don't you wish we all had one in our front yards?

no cursing!  or else!  (this will be another postcard someday)

busch gardens....

this swan was cool

yeah... i spilled my lunch =(

ride requirements for apollo's chariot (rollercoaster)

kristen and john recieving our first place award =D

other random stuff...

dan myers... my favorite dance partner

Amanda's pants got stuck in the bike chain...

we bought some cool sunglasses (well i did, dan's too conservative)

my hat... wanna touch my wiener?


we have another show coming up on thursday so i'll have my friend take pictures so you all can see the costumes and such... hope you enjoyed!  =D

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