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hey hey

Hey everyone!
I'm scott! I'm a 17 yr old guy from Indianapolis Indiana. I go to Franklin Central where i'm a proud member of the " F.C. Singers" Yay rah *thunderous applause* this week is our first competition and i'm THRILLED i'm like...so stoked about going to competition, this is my first year in the group and I am sure i'll be in it next year... it's awesome... woot woot.... This year's show is AWESOME and i think that we will have a great season, we have one piece that i want everyone in the showchoir WORLD to hear... it's freaking awesome, it's our ballad and i like... die everytime i hear it... oh yeh, i'm definately the stereotypical "flaming showchoir boi" sorry if you all mind... *big smile* well... if anyone wants to talk, get in contact... and be sure to add me! i love meeting ppl... oh btw is anyone going to ONALASKA on saturday? in Wisconsin? if so, i'll see you there!!! bye bye everyone!
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